Sakthiivel Pannerselvam .

Can u suggest me Social Media Auto Scheduler tool!
Tried Zoho Social & Hootsuite! I couldn't upload videos!

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Harish Venkatesh

SproutSocial? Preppr?

Abhishek Arora

Not sure about zoho social, but Hootsuite is perfectly alright for video uploads as well. Have been using the same for quite some time now.

Sakthivel Pannerselvam

I couldn't upload videos ! Video duration is one of the problem !

Abhishek Arora

I haven't uploaded anything too big but up-to 3 minute videos have worked fine. What's the error?

Sourabh D R

Publer is nice

Abhinav Choudhary


Bharat Garachh

I am planning to make this kind of site

Yoheswaran Gnanavel

Buffer ?

Arbab Usmani

Which social media?
What is video length?

If it is Instagram then it won't allow you to put video more than an hour, no social scheduling app can help you there

Use creator studio by Facebook for scheduling in FB and Instagram

Chandrasekar Jayapalan

You can upload video in Hootsuite. But you need to have your thumbnail at the beginning of the video. Because, you can’t choose thumbnail of the video in Hootsuite.

Ankur Gupta


Arvind Subraminion

Try Buffer. Or get in touch with LN

Namit Oberoy

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