Anil Anvesh .

With many tasks at hand, sometimes I tend to forget few tasks. I'm a very lazy person to write down notes in a book. Is there any tool which pops up on my PC & Mobile screen with my planned activities?

I want to Organize tasks as Next Up, In Progress, Completed. And move tasks based on status.

Sometimes I use Google Assistant to set reminders (:

By the way howz Notion app?

What tool you are using so that you don't miss any task?

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Geet Kiran Aneja

Same I forget a lot of to do stuff daily. But have a huge a** white board to write down to dos instead of apps. That way it is always on top of my mind as pass by that whiteboard every time

Rithvik Podduturi

Try airtable, hey.space. notion is also just fine

Vini Katyal

Notion is great

Anil Anvesh

but no widgets😔

Rithvik Podduturi

Anil Anvesh if you want widgets trello, any.do, microsoft to-do

Sathish CP

Try Lark

Mahendra Bhandarkar

Google Tasks

Bhumish Sheth

Try anything that works on kanban philosophy and a great reminder mechanism.. ideally a combination of trello and slack

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