Akash Arora .

Can anyone suggest some free online video editing tool where we can just combine a few short videos into one.

I want to make something like a trailor or summary for an event with videos of past event?

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Zain Siddiqui 

Recast studio try karo.

Akash Arora

Arey I was searching something else. But ye bhi jabardast cheez hain. 😍Much helpful. Thanks.

Zain Siddiqui

Agar sirf do videos ko combine he karna hai, thoda background music dalna hai and basic motion effects, try your Windows video editor free of cost or iMovies. These are beautiful tools.

I made this picture slideshow with it. Worked out, just fine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtkdkJGtBV8

Akash Arora

hmm. Fir to QUIK is also a good tool to use. I was looking for more festureful one. I have worked a lot on Windows Video Editor, but it is of not much use. It degrades the video quality as well and has no new features, transitions and all. But yes for this Recast Studio, thanks a lot.

Abhinav Sankar

Abhinav Sohani is the founder, can be reached for help if you need. Akash Arora

Harshit Gupta

+1 for recast

Abhishek Arora

Looks interesting, will definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

Abhinav Sohani

Thanks Zain for recommending us.
Glad you like the tool Akash. Feel free to DM me if you need any help.

Akash Arora

Arey I tried a few templates. It worked very well. The whole team appreciated.:)Will spread it among my students.

Abhishek Arora

Try flexclip basic 480px quality can be easily generated free of cost

Akash Arora

thanks. On it.

Abhishek Arora

Else, you can generate 720 and 1080 output but will have to use some other editing software to trim the first frame which is flexclip branding.

Harshad Moray

Hey Akash,

Just shared this info for Ginee in a similar post!

There are online web apps which let you use template based designs and voila!
These apps have easy learning curve!
• Canva (https://www.canva.com)
• Powtoons (https://go.powtoon.com/home/)
• Adobe Sparks (https://spark.adobe.com)
• Create Studio (https://createstudio.com)✅
• Renderforest (https://www.renderforest.com)✅

Then, mobile app based video editors which let you edit mobile recorded videos. But, personally I feel, a small mobile screens is bit tricky to achieve precision in timeline.
• Inshots
• Splice
• KineMaster✅
• Videoshow
• Videoleap✅

All these mobile apps demand your phone memory and RAM, you may face heating issue in long run. Few affordable, few expansive for beginner.

And lastly, god level softwares. Professional ones.🤩
• Adobe Premier Pro
• Adobe After Effects
• FinalCut Pro

Do let me know if you hit luck with anyone above!!😎👍

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