Sagnik Chakraborty .

What are the hourly rates for web development? If I already have a website and any development work needed is quite minimal per month, what rates do web development companies charge? Also, If the same company charges a separate monthly hosting and maintenance fee, do they give discounted rates for web development?

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Krishn Mishra

15 USD per hour

Sunny Kaushal

Hourly rates varies from $15/hr to $35/hr depending on tech stack you are using for your website. Which tech/framework is your website built in?

Bharat Garachh

Depending on technology
10$ to 50$

Vini Katyal

Varies from technology to technology. I am currently working at 55 dollars an hr react.js javascript

AMiT Thakrar

For budgeting part, safer to consider around $25 per hour (INR 1500-2000 per hour)

Raj Kiran Singh

5$ to 150$ per hour

Teena Khatri

Lol !

One side everyone was supporting voice for local and almost every tech company mention Indian clients charges in USD ..

And above all bullshit of this decorum they do not understand that they will get money in InR and forget to calculate the GST and willing to assume that it's already pre understood by client.

Instead of that why don't everyone quote on real prices in INR and let the Indian market know that $10 what you charging an hour is 760 INR per hour .

Which means at $10
760x 20 hours per week min = 15200 per week which roughly equivalent to 60000 inr per month

So what the really worth of having that as a freelance ..

Think twice before hiring an developer on USD prices..

Hope it helps

Jimit Shah

Generally for web maintenance, we would do an AMC which would have a fairly broad scope with a 60-65k / year contract.

Shivam Malhotra

The rates mentioned above are slightly higher than what you can easily get outside.Also,its possible that freelancers on PS have a good amount of projects available so the prices would always be higher.

Also,the per hour charges are generally charged by freelancers who work on US projects.Get someone who charges you a fixed fee and since this would be recurring,you can easily get a good deal.

Sagnik Chakraborty

 Thank you everyone for your responses. We use a web development company called Connect 91. They charge around 2750 per hour, for a long term contract. This is only for monthly web dev changes that are needed. Which are the other good web development companies which can give a better price?


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