Rajesh Garg .

What details make a website look credible?

I'm currently in the process of creating a website for my E-Commerce business on Shopify.

Is there anything that should be added or implemented so that visitors can trust buying from me?

PS. I'm looking for the less obvious examples like clear pictures, good descriptions, a logo, etc.

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Chetan Kulkarni

Video testimonials by happy customers. Nothing can come close to these.

Ratnesh Karbhari 

video boht zyada ni ho jata... ?

Chetan Kulkarni

Gaining trust requires an extraordinary efforts.

A video testimonial is better than a text testimonial beside a photo.

Anything that's easy to create perceived lesser value than something that requires extra efforts.

Rajesh Garg

Chetan Kulkarni Yes, that's indeed a good choice. But that's a process which we can start after some time, maybe a month or two. What do you suggest for the initial days?

Krishna Arora 

yaar family aur doston se lelo

Rajesh Garg

Krishna Arora  Yeah that way we can do! Nice Idea!

Chetan Kulkarni

1. A great copy that persuades people to buy.

2. Do a Market Research/Talk to 20-30 people why they won't buy from your website, without mentioning it's your website. Address those fears, barriers in the copy.

3. Put yourself into the video explaining the story behind this new venture, again from customers perspective. I believe A faceless website is trusted lesser.

Rajesh Garg

Good recommendations. Would definately implement these!

Vamshi Raj

Privacy policy. Terms and services. Refund policy. About page. Trust icons photo on landing page like 100% security, mastercard, Norton enabled etc and show customers reviews by using a plugin ( aliexpress offers one I guess)

Rajesh Garg 

Thanks for your suggestions!🙂

Harshad Moray

• SMS & Email Notifications
• SEO Optimized copy & images

• Right colors as per TG
• Impressive Images with more human faces
• High Res product images
• Badges & Icons
• Testimonials

• Clear messaging
• Customer supports sections
• Conversion optimized copy

Got something to show, share a link.🎯

Rajesh Garg 

Thanks for the detailed answer!🙂🙂

Raj Bhatt

Reviews, seller info, shipping/tracking approximation, multiple payment options, collaboration with a few micro-influencers who would vouch for the products, highlight mentions from other publications, and relevant blog/articles in your product niche.

Just a few things that you can explore:)

Aakash Gupta 

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