Ansha Dixit .

Branding is not just about designing a colorful logo and have a catchy tagline!

It is all about the emotional excitement that you create in the consumer’s mind and the value that you promise to deliver!

What does branding mean to you?

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Sarang Surendra Bhirad

A gut feeling about a product or a service.

Krishna Arora

Brand is the perception of consumer about your company.

Rahul Rajvanshi

Gong's logo

Gautam Koundinya

It's about consistency of service one offers to provide

Shivakumar Valadi

Branding is not just about your logo, tagline, and catchwords and colours. It's a living breathing creature that has its own characteristics that are continuously evolving and need to be nurtured right.

Think of your brand as a teenage child, about to step into adulthood while still having one foot in adolescence. It needs to be taught the right language, how to interact with the world, and how to present itself - moulded into a complete person.

And just when you think you can kick back and relax and gloat over a job well done, guess what, the markets have evolved and what was right yesterday is no longer now. It's time to start over again

Abhishek Avikk Gupta

"Branding is the EXPERIENCE that you create for your end customer"

On top,if I say..
Amul's Branding !

Cadbury, Maggie , Bajaj, Maruti , Tata and many others

Jay Rathod

Branding means the name which your customer recalls when they listen to the problem we solve 😊

Shabia Ravi Walia

Branding is what people say about your brand when you are not in the room!!

Gireesh Likhyani

Masaley is synonymous with MDH (That's what WE think about MDH)

Brand's perception in the customers mind

Asli Masaley Sach Sach

Anaggh Desai

Something that I had written a while back. https://www.anaggh.com/2016/01/21/brand-behaviour-the-only-differentiator/?fbclid=IwAR0i08vgak-1snxRBXIjLPTiJXWtLsdhMY8FTOVjlWIdDCzRGbCmKGcRkQE

If it is not within parameters of group feel free to delete.

Akshay Borate

When people find their social status increased when they purchase your product. For example, Apple.

When people don't think twice before buying a particular product or service. i.e. Amul

Priya Singhi Jain

Branding has evovoled a lot over the years, the logo , colors, imagery are just a visual part of branding, branding process is lot more deeper and companies do at different levels, now a days what I see is branding is all about experience you get from the brand at all levels, visual, emotional, physical package , communication collateral, messaging. So all the touch points of the brand and every interaction with the brand you can apply your branding strategy

Siddartha Khetan

To me in marketing, brand is equivalent to trust.

For example, currently I will prefer Samsung smartphone than nokia

Sayan Ganguly

Adopting a way or outlook so that the element being branded creates the expected impact.

Naresh Shetti

Branding is a character sketch. It's a subconcious level of trust and belief. It's like u know that a brand is there for u no matter if u buy or not from them. For eg. When u say the name of a brand the other person will automatically build an image innhis mind.

Let's say washing powder nirma. It's a brand that has made a place in ur mind. And u know no matter what it will be there when u need.

Well what it stands for cannot be explained in a short write up. It needs experience. as the post says its not just about a pretty logo or a tagline or a packaging. It's an complete mixture of vision mission and how the company creates it's image in the minds of it's customer or viewers.

Looks like I may have confused people already 😂

Aditi Kaushiva

Converying your ethos and vision to your customers. It's not about logo or tagline or colors or products even... It's how you make the customer feel valued and give them a reason to connect with your brand.

Suneil Barsaiyan

Branding is a narrative that brand owners create for their offerings. It includes logo, mascots, colors, taglines, positioning, perception, look and feel and a lot many other elements.

Arbab Usmani

branding is more like making your company or product more humaize, as we human have our visual identity as how we look a branding enables that, as a human being we have verbal identity branding create that too.

Its more like giving your company identity

Mansi Rastogi

I love how many answers and perspectives there are to this subject. It's like everyone has an opinion on it but no one can truly describe it and how it works. I have been in this business 15+ years and I'm yet to see anyone successfully describe it in an all encompassing way. I've seen people argue around it and fight that their view of it is right. Reminds me of the blind men and the elephant. There are so many components to branding because it's built to invoke feelings of attraction, belonging & trust. So in essence all of us understand it the way we experience it.

Shrivatsan Balagopal

Branding is all about how customer feels about your product.

Gopal Trivedi

Building up the expectation which a customer gets in exchange for his money...

Pabzz Iraz

Branding is about the way we position about our company to consumers, branding can also include adhering to mission and core values of company to reach desired vision

Jyoti Agarawal

Branding is a feeling behind any brand put up in such a way that it reaches the right audience in the right essence!

Dipankar Dutta

"It is all about the emotional excitement that you create in the consumer’s mind and the value that you promise to deliver!"

Ya, Durex.


Amit Savargaonkar

Emotions and Relations.

Ashish Deora

Thanda Matlab Coca-cola....

Branding means unconsciousness presence in the mind of the TG. It's about having organic traffic and hook which brings people back to the brand for something...

Bairapaga John


Aditya Raja

Hi Ansha, branding is more than logo or a photo or a campaign or a clickbait. It has do with the local culture, the crowd culture, the sentiment of the time, the sync of the brand with their people. As without understanding the context, if any campaignruns, the results have been disastrous. At times, people boycott brands, even sometimes they are publicly humiliated. In my recent post, I have tried to discuss the operating principles which I imbibed from Harvard Business Review. Hope you go would go through the same. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Pushstarter/permalink/3336155793111684/

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