Rohit Nair .

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone asks you this - 🤔

"What does it take to become an entrepreneur?"

You can either give a one word answer or a descriptive one!

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Albert Nam


Geet Kiran Aneja

Right Mindset. Just that

Riza Rais Raisuddin


Rohit Nair

Heavy word. Is sacrificing your hobbies for your passion a good practice?

Riza Rais Raisuddin

Speaking from experience. You end up sacrificing time with friends and family. The ones who are really crazy about business feel that every second you spend watching a movie, or engaging in small talk is wasting time. U could have devoted those precious seconds to your business. Even sleep. Suddenly you realise there are not enough hours in a day.
My business consumed my soul. I had never felt so attached to something in my life. To answer your question, I don't know. It depends how strongly you feel about your idea and whether this sacrifice is worth it. Just don't regret if things don't turn out as planned.

Chitman Kaur


Hartej Sethi

To each it might have a different meaning, but once thing i feel most will agree is that one needs to have a lot of patience, nowadays as everything is so easily available be it entertainment or food or content, even in work we want instantsuccess, but that instant success is & can only be achieved after consistent hard effort, one should not be willing to give up till tried ones best & all ways possible.

Nikhil Jain


Vishnu Goyal

Be Connected to niche (not industry) leaders, success will be eventually rubbed to you. If you are a avid learner and unlearner.

Ask ask and ask

Anuj Sehgal

Persistence n Passion

Rohit Nair

Do you believe Passion can be built overtime and doesn't have to be something that strikes you or is it otherwise?

Anuj Sehgal

I think passion is what you start up with and will help to keep your afloat, as idea will keep on changing it's shape. I am not sure if passion can be build overtime,there can be certain situations in the journey, which might make you enjoy the moments, but not necessarily make your passionate to drive it to the end

Neeraj Joshi

Ability to keep implementing, learning/unlearning, restrategising and repeating this process again and again

Ye process chalate raho, kahi na kahi pahuch jayoge

Mansi Kumar

Persistence. Diligence. Willingness to put yourself out there. Attention to detail.

Arbab Usmani

Empathy and solving problem

Darshita Chheda

Hardwork & persistence

Mudit Srivastava

Ambition and Purpose, Agility, and Perseverance

Rohit Nair

Purpose is very important! It is the driving factor! Well said

GopiKrishan Bali


Rohit Nair

Can passion be developed? What do you think?

GopiKrishan Bali

Rohit, Yes. If we have #Discovered our 'true' passion it can be initiated, worked upon and further developed, fine tuned for happier work / life.😊

Vasundhara Gaekwad Madke

Learning & adapting to changes.........but I love the quote from 'The Founder',
“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

Amit Baliga


Rohit Nair

Ah yes was waiting for someone to say "Risk Taking Ability". I feel it is the first step to starting your own venture!

Amit Baliga

this IMO is the single most important attribute needed. Even if we have passion, empathy, etc. etc. if we don't have have the guts to take the plunge, we don't initiate the journey of an entrepreneur. Other attributes make one successful but you need guts to start!

Ashu Srivastava

Art of raising money.

Rohit Nair

Startup master ko tag karna bhul gaya tha sorry:PI agree but aren't most of the startups bootstrapped? And if the bootstrapped companies succeed and gain recognition, raising money for them becomes a cake walk?

Ashu Srivastava

sure many are boostrapped.
But then bootstrapping comes with its own concealed T&Cs.
Take for ex Zoho. They say they haven't raised a single dollar and that's appreciable to the highest degree.

New innovations to hit market needs initial cap. Loads of it!
Who would want to get their hands dirty when market risk ranks at the top compared to easily replicable models (SW for example).

Why Zoho succeeded is purey because they were spot on with their customer landscape. Deliver something that people already used and so GTM or market fit wouldn't be an area to worry around.

Now imagine an innovation that needs cash to first build a PoC, test market feasibility, break, build and test again against a certain threshold.
Repeat the process over and again and even after all of the brutal exercise, things may turn to a different path than depicted.
All of this can't be bootstrapped.
But then it's a different debate altogether!

Don't you think this is the sole reason why market happens to lean more towards replication and very less on something truly new, exciting and crazy?

Rohit Nair

Yeah thats true. Innovation totally relies on funding at a greater extent than bootstrapping.

Prashanth Gurunath

Perseverance - How badly you wanna get it done🔥

Sharat Nair

Risk management and problem solving skill

Avinash Kewlani

Art of selling, being humble..

Rohit Nair

Would you disagree that there are some autocratic entrepreneurs who are successful? Countering to your "Humble" point.

Avinash Kewlani

I haven’t come across or heard of anyone yet, but wherever I’ve read and observed, humility adds on to their road to success.

Shlok Joshi

Pure perseverance

Devendra Sarda

Stay dissatisfied !

Rohit Nair

Haha perfect!

Devendra Sarda

When you get dissatisfied with existing situation/ solution, you create solution/build start up.and once you start up, the day you become satisfied, you loose the growth track ! Stay dissatisfy with earning, technology, team size, traction... keep finding ways to continuously grow !

Kshitij Patil

Self Awareness

Jayesh Matani

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish..

Piyush Soni

Self Motivation, Trying 100 different ways of working out for a problem! and having a stoic attitude!

Akash Watekar

You don't become an enterpreneur , You are an enterpreneur

Santoshi Aparajithan


Ashwini Nair


Shivam Malhotra

Perseverance is something which makes you a successful entrepreneur.

And as Akash also mentioned,I too believe that you dont become an entrepreneur but are born as one.Most of the qualities are already present.An entrepreneur is a package of so many qualities and every quality serves us in a different way.There is no one-for-all answer to this question in short.

Aanand Madhav


Prakhar Bindal


Aniket Deshpande

Ability to think through and then act on it.

Harsh Mandavia


Praful Mishra

Whatever it takes

Pushpak Sharma

Analytical abilities

Shreeya Khade


Ritvik Agrawal


Priyanka Maheshwari

Courage and Dedication

Pritam Sinha

Think how other 99% don't

Parixit Jayesh Popat

A leap of faith and some very stubborn self confidence

CA Sukanya Halyal


Manoj Maheshwari


Vivek Mittal


Abhishek Avikk Gupta


Aamer Rushnaiwala


Ajit Vidyadharan


Sukhvinder Singh Ahluwalia


Muskan Gupta

How insanely🔥you believe your idea and how seriously you take it's execution➡️

Ritabh Pandey


Mudit Thareja

Take risks and fail fast

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