Abhinav Sankar .

Tesla to introduce a battery powered plane in next 3-4 years!

Do you think this is ridiculous or do you trust the man whose innovative thoughts sometimes precedes sci-fi?

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Vineet Nandan Gupta

I would love to fly this aircraft

Abhinav Sankar

May be if he makes it, then yes in next 4-5 years, definitely😬

Vineet Nandan Gupta

SpaceX is successful and so is Tesla... this aircraft is a combination of tech built in these two companies. I am sure the aircraft will be out in next 5 years.

Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha

They're pushing the envelope!

Sagar Goyal

If you they can launch a human being into space they can definitely build a decent plane.

Somya Jain

Don't trust it now though

Abhinav Sankar

Yes, we cannot but the history is whatever elon has said, he did it, be it spacex,teslacar,neuralink etc. So pretty great chances though! Whats your say?

Somya Jain

yes offcourse

They have come out with innovations before as well

And will definitely do this time.

But as people questioned wright brothers, so in the same way even I have my doubt

Viswanathan Harikrishnan

There were many things that were thought to be impossible to be made or down right ridiculous in the past, but history has proved otherwise. I wouldn't be surprised if this aircraft becomes a reality

Krishnan Govindraj

No reason to think it won't. Looks like other companies have prototypes out already (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_electric_aircraft).

Just that Musk has the money and Tesla the tech to scale it up


Bro it's elon musk. Trust me He's gonna do that for sure. Tesla stock price and market valuation itself proves his worth.

પ્રશાંત પટેલ

Good stocks are always a bit overpriced, u never ever get them at under the fair value..... NEVER

There is a reason(which can be justified) for them being a bit overpriced... U gotta have a third thought on that

N one more thing... Eventually any stock follows it's business' growth in the long run, there will be some fluctuations in between for sure but still, this is the ground reality my friend

Harshal N Shroff

Support more Indian GUYS who are making INDIAN desgined aircrafts

Aryan Dutta

If they can solve the weight distribution problem. Because to take off and land the power requirements would be very high. Even if they make it. Making it commercially available would be another problem.

Sayon Mondal

Hard to believe but with Elon Musk you cant rule out anything..

Gourav Dhama

its possible, its been done already. To make it feasible and with price tag someone can afford is a different ball game altogether.

Jayesh Keswani

Well, being a pilot, I can guarantee that this is atleast another 10-15 years away from even getting certified.

The problem with battery powered airplanes is 1. Range is limited. 2. The endurance will be very less. Eg an 10 cubic meter tank will fill 10000 liters. Which is approx 8 tons of fuel, enough for a Bombay Kolkata trip on a commercial jetliner like the A320/737. However, how much charge could the same battery hold?

Fuel planning would also have to be thought of.

Then how do you charge the airplane if you want to get it back to the destination the same day? How long would it take? Eg refuelling a commerical airliner tank takes approx 25 minutes. It's quicker turn around times.

So this would have to be tested for YEARS before we see it in the market.

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