Abhinav Sankar .

Deciding what is the right choice-tech co-founder or a contractor?πŸ€”πŸ€”

Suppose you're a one-man company, you are fundraising, securing leads and marketing!

However there is no working MVP yet!

What is the better plan to build it:

Get a technical co-founder to build it or do you contract out a developer for some X number of months?🧐🧐

Is it necessarily better to have a tech co-founder as the first person to develop the MVP?

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Vinayak Kejriwal

I will go with having a co-founder if we share the same passion and zeal.

But I am someone who finds it difficult to trust people and I am very punctual and want everything to happen aggressively, then I'll go with a freelancer on a contract.

Nahush Gulawani

Execution first!! You can hire/find a tech guy on the way!!

Finding a Co-Founder is not just about technical skills also about the other soft skills also the Co-Founders vision should match many things!!

Having someone onboard whom you may or may not know well doesn't make sense!! Finding a Co-Founder is a big task and takes time!!

I feel you should put your idea in motion PPL will join you!! 😊😊

Execution first rest everything else!! 😊😊

AMiT Thakrar

If you can sail the ship alone, why would you need a co-founder or tech guy as co-founder? Finding a like minded tech person with equal passion may take time. Why not to have MVP ready and you start generating revenue. That will give you much better stand when you look for co-founder.

Aman Jha

Rather than spending time finding a co-founder , go and validate your idea by launching your MVP first.

During the journey you will interact with many potential co-founders who will be interested in your idea and by that time your idea would be already validated and you will be in a position to find a right team and investor.

Agni Chatterjee

Chicken and egg situation ....keep hustling there is no one path, whatever happens along the way go with it. If you can secure funds withoit MVP kudos to you otherwise make the MVP

Sandesh Soni

Dont want to be harsh... If you are getting a tech cofounder to build without taking any money, its good... else dont spend much time on finding it and get a basic thing built from a contractor on Paid basis ... validate, then the part of finding right tech cofounder...

Piyush Gupta

Reliable, Resourceful, talented person is more important ...wether tech co- founder or consultant.

Sashwat Malik

Depends on the type of product/company , if you are building an app / website to provide any external service or sell something then you should outsource but if the app/ website is your core product or service then you should build it yourself .

Siddharth Gangal

Ispe ek panel discussion kara lo. There are too many variables for someone to just answer off the fly!

Sibendra Mallick

depends on the plan, means if ur plan is very coding intensive, then definitely u need to have one.

But if you think MVP can be done at a low cost with ur idea, then get a startup and pay them a bit and try to convince bigger payment once u secure funding or good no. Of clients.

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