Divya Agrawal .

I was EXHAUSTED working 40 hours every week in the corporate job...😵


...I quit my job to work as a freelance #copywriter and Linkedin Strategist ..

👉 for 55 hours per week.

I even worked on Sundays initially.

The difference is not in 15 more hours per week.

It's in working toward MY goals.

Working toward my financial freedom.

Working on something that doesn't even feel like work 80 percent of the time.

Working on creating my own little dent in the universe.

Working through the burning passion.

Don't get me wrong.

The long days can take a toll on you.

You can get in your way a lot with no one to push you.

You can feel fatigue and frustration from having to think about it ALL alone.

There are challenges.

But you get to choose what those challenges are.

All things that are meaningful and life-enhancing are tough.

You get to choose what tough things you want in life.

Going #freelance is never an easy way out.

But it's a happier way out. 😇

On many levels.

So many people think freelancing or being on your own is the easy way out of a fulltime job.

The truth couldn't be any different.❌

#Freelancing comes with it's own set of struggles.

You need to figure it ALL by yourself, which is more overwhelming and difficult than it sounds.

There's no safety net.

You earn less, work harder in the beginning.

But the upside to everything is that every hour you work, you're building something that you can call your own. 👊🏻✔


Why did you choose to be a #solopreneur? 👇


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Firoz Muhammed

I was a soloprenuer then turned into an entrepreneur.

Satish Mishra

loved your story Divya...freelancing is something u are carving ur own path....more power to you...

Abhilasha Tiwari

I was happy being a freelancer. Then I came across Someone who was gaming the system, they started bullying me when my genuine work was recognised. I decided to start my venture so that I can make a little change in the scenario, you can win by honest work. It will take long, totally worth it

Mayur Sontakke

I started NomadGao because I wanted to show people that work can be done from anywhere. I have been working remotely since 2014 and currently stay in a Goan village:)

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