Samruddha Prabhu .

Any product managers in this group?
What are your daily work/responsibilities?
What all skills required to become a product manager.
I have seen a lot of YouTube videos about this. But couldn't understand what actually product managers do.

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Rajarshee Chakravarty

Try this

Jeet Parekh 

Trust me have asked product managers and they also couldnt explain.

Or may be i was dumb to not understand

Neeraj Joshi

You can’t really objectively define as the role varies with every organisation

Rajarshee Chakravarty

And also across industries

Neeraj Joshi


Mohammed Ali

Mini CEO whose work is to achieve business and customer goals by improving the product using a data driven approach (inputs from customers, research, testing, inputs from sales team, data from analytics,etc...).
This is what I have understood so far.:)

Mukund Rathi

Read The Product Book: How to Become A Great Product Manager

One of the finest book to learn about product management.

Rajarshee Chakravarty 

 Pdf available hai kya

Mukund Rathi

Check PM:D

Prateek Jain 

Cracking the pm interview will help clear some air...
Personally it's a waste of life for most probably a lot of money and no time for self...

Abhinav Choudhary

Watch this, you would have a fair idea :

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