Shamik Prabhuchodnekar .

What to do if your rival brand copies your product features?

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Amit Shyamsukha 

feel proud - and innovate more

Piyush Soni 

Add those features which competitor has not thought about? Something that you want your product to be!

CA Gaurav Sukhija

 Just make a better UI than them

Agni Chatterjee 

That apart I have seen awesome support as greatest differentiator.. focus on awesome support.

Ankur Gupta

It is common in tech world specially in Martech. Think beyond feature based differentiation. Talk to your customers and develop what they want

Devashish Datt Mamgain

Congrats:)get used to it, this is inevitable
just ensure that you are always ahead and they are always behind copying your features, by the time, they will copy one, you will have a better version or another value addition in product

Gyanendra Verma

If they started copying you, it shows you are already ahead of them let them copy you because they only know what they actually see not the one what you have have planned for yourself. So I think you should let them do their jobs and you please focus on your's because time is already on his job. The best example of this is mac and windows. Windows copied mac and rest is history what we all know very well(apple is still biggest it company in the world ). So, be a man chase your vision n enjoy....😂😂

Amit Rawat

If you have protected your IP then you need to take them to court depending on your capacity, stake in the product potential etc. Have guided Startups in this regards as well.

Prasad Bharati

 What if a famous company copies it which is 2times bigger than ur company?fir bhi jaaoge court main?

Ashu Srivastava

I learnt this the hard way.
This is ought to happen.

I assume you are seeking a practical real life example case when this happened with someone?

Well this happened to us.

I realised a similar product is being replicated in the market I’m pitching my investors in.

I comprehended.

Eventually had to go back to the drawing board and chalked down:

1. Top highlighting feature my company has and glorify it’s value prop.

2. It’s not always about tech. I used price point as a prime differentiator and explained how my price point justifies my product and solution altogether.

3. Lastly, there wasn’t much I could find that possibly could differentiate us largely at commercial or technological levels, so i tell people about my team!
I often tell people, let alone the idea of tech but you are looking at a world class team and our USPs individually.
This helps a lot

Rishank Bharatiya

If snapchat can't do anything while facebook copied the whole concept then you think you can do anything about it.
Their is not any copyright on Idea
otherwise their is no any OLA, Flipkart, OYO, paytm etc. etc.

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