Ronak Kataria .

What was your dream job as a kid?

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Krishna Arora


Starke Frau

Software Engineer >choreographer but ended up with HR😅when i was around in between 25 -27 i wanted to become entreprenuer nd still want to become same when i reach to 40's😂in 10 years.

Yash Thakur

Entrepreneur, I still have a roadmap for it and I’m walking slow but steady.

Arunaday Basu

Haha can't say that here😏it's still my dream job. I am just waiting for things to become legal😬👄💨✌

Ankit Shrivastav


Sharat Nair

Researcher and inventor

Tushar Kaushik

Scientist, inspired by mcu

Ujwal Šháh

Quiz Master.
I had a dream of publishing "A quiz book of most unknown Q&As"

Riza Rais Raisuddin

Politician😂I wanted power

Rahul Flint

I wanted to sell Mowgli's punja in wholesale.

Ashu Srivastava

Pilot banke jahaaj udana

Itu Rathore

Movie director😊

Ravindra Choudhary

Fighter Pilot🙂

Rapti Gupta

I wanted to be a SPY! Courtesy - CID

Ashish Deora

I always wanted to own a Stream Engine based Old Trains. I wanted to be a motor-man and drive train and go places

Rajeesh Nair

My dream job changed with whatever character the Bollywood heroes played at the cinema. A police officer was the most popular though... A close second came Lawyer.

Shreeya Khade

Miss India banna tha🤗😂

Roopa Ajay Venkatesh

I wished to become a Pediatrician🙂

Ronak Kataria

I personally wanted to be a member of Team Scooby-Doo😁

Praanshu Khanna

I wanted to become an Engineer.

Ankit Chitra

I wanted to be a Cricketer..

Arbab Usmani

Air force pilot

Agraj Agrawal

kbhi job karni nhi thi, 1 office chahiye khud ka with all the modern facilities with min. of 10 people and separate cabin for me and my dad bas...

Sharvari Shirish

I wanted to sell coconut and pooja bhandar outside a temple because my friend desired to be a poojari🙈🙈

Bakulesh Rane


Neeraj Joshi


Raghu Vinay


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