Tarun Kumar .

Have you ever said no to your client? I did once and I regretted!

I was handling an e-commerce client in gadgets back in 2017 and generating good ROAS for them.

I always believed in "High performance delivered", something picked up from my first organisation "Accenture". So, I suggested them to focus on their slow-moving inventory. Being a data practitioner, I knew I was getting in the red zone for two reasons.

These are the products we advertised initially and did not get good response. We were still left with lot of stock of these SKU's. We had to come up with some different strategy.

All of these were slow-moving products. I knew, client would not want to compromise on ROAS(Lets not forget, they were getting good ROAS). So, how do I convince them to managed KPI's like CPA, AOV, and ROAS?

Another challenge that I faced internally the order size. Our average order size was Rs 1200/order. The majority of slow-moving inventory as having low priced SKUs. Another uphill task to convince to advertise selectively. Not every product!!!

I had the call with the marketing head and he said" You have to run a campaign for all the slow-moving products. I said "NO".

I told the CEO of the company and said give me a day to prepare a business case.

I prepared an excel that contained the list of products in three categories of pricing

Less than Rs 500, Rs 500-900, and then Rs 1000+. The CPA would increase by at least 50% to 100% for these slow-moving products. The courier price will be Rs 70-100 additional. We finally agreed that less than Rs 500 did not make the case and we will end up incurring additional losses by pushing sales. It is better to sell them to offline retailers if possible. This was my first data-driven business case study for one of my first clients in e-commerce digital marketing.

I regretted why I did not present my case earlier. Post this case, the client appreciated the kind of data diving we did for such a small scale.

Don't be afraid to say no if you have data to support you.

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