Anil Avnesh .

Creative/Graphic Designers, which processor brand you recommend for moderate Graphics designing work?

AMD Ryzen


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Bharat Acharya

AMD is tough!

Arunaday Basu

Just took Ryzen 5... It's smooth as silk. And that's not not even high end.

Kanush Dhawan


Ishita Sarkar

Why not intel?

Jatin Sachdev

Ishita Sarkar Amd offers more performance for 30-40% lessser price

Abhishek Samant

Well it's not an either or question. It depends. What PSU are you using? How much RAM do you have? Also, what Motherboard are you using? Different combinations will produce different results.

Priyank Dhyani

AMD is great value for money. Newer AMDs are much more power efficient with less heating. If you are buying Intel, always buy 10th gen.

If you are buying laptop, I don't think there are many manufacturers giving good AMD options. After 1-2 years things will change drastically as more manufacturers will opt for team red. For now team blue's 10th gen is the safe bet.

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