Ishita Sarkar .

Hey guys can you help me out please, which one is better intel or AMD I am gonna buy a laptop so, I am very confused.

Please give a good answer.

Purpose is to do coding, photo n video editing.

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Mohit Maheshwari

budget? purpose?

Ishita Sarkar

50k coding and editing

Mohit Maheshwari

This is a decent gaming laptop. Will help you in all your requirements and much more.

It has m.2 slot as well for storage. You can remove the HDD and buy a 250GB m.2 SSD storage which is lightning fast storage.

Or buy any decent laptop. You need minimum 8GB RAM and SSD 250gb minimum or better m.2 SSD for making your laptop future proof and getting the maximum speed.
A 250 GB m.2 storage will cost around Rs 4500 and you will not get this in any stock laptop within this budget. So do this. Choose any laptop with Intel or AMD processor. Upgrade RAM to 8GB(minimum) if its only 4GB. Add SSD (preferable m.2 nvme SSD).

the second option(HP) is good. It has HDD + 256 GB SSD and 8GB RAM, 1.48kg only.

Abhishek Samant

Depends on your use. Different combinations of computer parts will give you different results. Overall, Intel is the more popular one, based on sales, followed by AMD. But this is a very general opinion.

हेरंब केसकर

Always go for intel in laptops. In comparison between intel and AMD my experience is that AMD processors heats more than Intel.
So afterwords it starts giving problems with the hardware as there is less space exhaust in comparison with desktops.
If your goal is to use the laptop for year or so then only go for AMD otherwise go for Intel.

Nitin Naresh

which one is better Audi A8 or BMW 740 L????

Prasad Bharati

Uk what for gaming experience amd is awesome even intel is good but not with integrated graphics i mean intel(HD) and all. Otherwise intel is good for other purposes.

Ashu Srivastava

The machine, whether has an AMD or intel HW wouldn’t make much of a noticeable difference.

Looking at your preferences, I’d recommend to look for a i5 or AMD FX4300 or Ryzen series. The latter is clocked at 4.7 ghz and works identically to it’s i5 alternative, comparatively clocked at lower frequency (3.3 ghz)

Besides a decent 8-12 gigs of ram size should most appropriately handle multi tasking without latencies (coding and rendering done simultaneously).
A dedicated GPU is not mandate but is good to have of a feature.

Dell systems with a similar configuration may cost 30% higher than HP, Asus or others.
A typical gaming laptop would house in a powerful configuration so that could be an option you may want to explore as well (they’ll eventually add up to weight though)

Tools Titian

buy honor new laptop💻

Best for coding and editing and many things in best price under 40k

Battery back up is good.

If you ask me Amd is improving day by day and intel is deteriorating day by day.

Abhinav Jain

AMD processors are more workload intensive, so if your work involves high performance AMD will give more value for money and better performance.

Ankit Kumar Bhagat

Depends on what you are coding? Deep learning? Then go for intel+nvidia

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