Anaggh Desai .

A question or call for assistance if you wish.

FaceBook / Instagram experts.

What would you say is a decent per day spend on advertising or reaching people, given FB claims to help reach 2000++ for ₹80 per day etc.

Is Instagram better or FB?

This is specifically for FB page. I currently have no ads running but want to understand if ₹2500-3000 is a worthwhile investment. And what could be the likely lowest conversion?

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Arunaday Basu

What's your product?

Anaggh Desai


Arunaday Basu

alright see, first of all, you have to understand what does the different metrics in ads mean:
Reach - just shows the post to people
Engagement - people like or comment on the post
Conversion - people buy your service

There are many ways to track conversion and conversion can mean a lot of things for Facebook ads.

Like, for example, for a Facebook ad which is not connected to a Facebook Pixel on the website, conversion could mean simply taking the person to the website. Not the actual sales of the service.

For Facebook to know that someone has actually "bought" something requires configuration of the Facebook Pixel to show it where the conversion is actually happening. Otherwise it just considers that landing to the website is a conversion.

Now, there are different types of ads. Some are reach ads. Some are engagement ads and some are conversion ads.

People won't convert if you directly run a conversion ad. That's not how it works.

There is an entire scheme to running ads its generally called a Conversion Funnel.

Without a pre-designed conversion funnel, it's very difficult to say why your customers are dropping off. It could be for absolutely random reasons that we would not know of.

You have to first concentrate on these things. The cost or budget of the ad is a secondary thing. A Rs. 100 ad could convert 10 people and a Rs. 10,000 ad could convert 0 people if you didn't do it right.

Nihal Hassan

No. If that’s your total investment on ads, the money is wasted.

Anaggh Desai

so what according to you should I have as a budget before I think of advertising.

Nihal Hassan

I'm guessing your product value is at least Rs.100. At Rs.80/day you may get 3-15 clicks all depending on your targeting, ad copy, competition, etc. And then you also have to optimize your landing page, and the funnel. At 3-10 visitors any experiment you run will not be statistically significant. If it's eCommerce, your conversion rate can vary between 0.5-3%. This means you'll need 30-200 highly relevant traffic(clicks) to get 1 sale. People don't buy on their first visit. You will have to retarget them 5-20 times. So A/B testing isn't possible with the budget. Now you see that there are many moving parts here and, you'll need to monitor and optimize every stage continuously.

What most people do with a small budget is that they run a basic ad for 2-3 weeks and then declare that the channel doesn't work.

I can't say how much you should spend. I don't know your product, consumer aspirations, or anything. May be, Google Search is a good channel; maybe LinkedIn.

Anaggh Desai

product is the one mentor paid session and if 5 - 7 visitors out of which I can convert 2 it is ok with me. Hence the questions.

Nihal Hassan

Converting 5% is very hard. Converting 40% is rare.

Anaggh Desai

ok. In the past one year I spent 1600 during Nov-Feb. Got 11 enquiries. Converted 4. The nature of business being such probably. But I hear you and wanted to evolve some consistency hence asked.

Shivam Malhotra

You should first decide what your goal is - lead gen,sale on website,only clock impressions or what?

Anaggh Desai

sale on website

Abhishek Samant

So Facebook ads are now integrated with Instagram. So you can choose to use one or both the platforms. Fb is always better for advertising simply because they have more users than instagram. Per day spending depends on your goal, the product and your audience.

Anaggh Desai

product or service is the one hour mentor paid coaching. And need 5-7 visitors or enquiry out of which ace 1-3 conversion is a good enough target for me.

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