Deepak Singh .

Instagram Vs Facebook Vs LinkedIn

Which one would you choose for your business and Why?

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Rajesh Garg

Facebook and Instagram!

Deepak Singh

Why any specific reasons?

Rajesh Garg

Most of the people uses these as their primary social networks, so I guess thats why!

Vikrant Keer

Wherever target customer is

Deepak Singh

Vikrant Keer So for a online business, lets say ecom or service agensies, what would you suggest?

Vikrant Keer

Deepak Singh what's your product or service line. If users or target customer is youth then Instagram. If its for mid age people like say 30-60...FB is the place. Thats what my observation has been.

Nahush Gulawani

All of them

Varun Surana

Major FB, minor inst and linkedin ...

Major potential customer base is in fb till now

Deepak Singh

Yes I also feel that way, being in this community for past 2 years!

Naval Gupta

Depends on what we are selling. For me I choose LinkedIn to get high ticket clients.

Mohit Nanda

It really depends on the business. What business are you talking about here?

Deepak Singh

Anything that suited you! Just want to ask people's opinion and taking perspectives for different businesses! Accordingly I can decide!

Mohit Nanda

Facebook > Insta > LinkedIn

Yash Dodeja


Mohit Prajapati

For B2B LinkedIn and B2C Insta, facebook.

Ankit Kumar Bhagat

Depends on your customer base, for current age group 16-23 Instagram(they don't use fb), 20-50+ Facebook and LinkedIn for professionals

Deepak Singh

Well said! May I ask, What's your business niche and which one is you following?

Ankit Kumar Bhagat

currently I'm focused towards training programs in Data science, I use insta and fb depending on the course target. Insta has been more fruitful. Also we should not forget google ads.

Deepak Singh

That's great! So any difference you observed between fb or insta, like which one is more smoother and time friendly or we can say business friendly?

Ankit Kumar Bhagat

insta works best for gen Z

Sibendra Mallick

All 3 😊

P1 Fb

P2 Linked In

P3 Insta

Deepak Singh

So do you take leverage from all three? Or is there any specific platform that you use for your business?

Sibendra Mallick

Mostly leverage from first two, 3rd is for connecting to them and PR.

Also u can collect the data from here and nurture them at whatsapp,mails,calling.

Krishna Arora

Instagram + LinkedIn.

Leads from linkedin

Work on Instagram.

Abhishek Samant

Why is there a battle? You can link all the social media together via some scheduling services and use all the channels to get good conversion and ROI.

Deepak Singh

But mainly it depends on the people also, what they prefer for their business! For eg. Pushstart they are active on Fb and Instagram. Similarly what others preferance is, I want to know?

Abhishek Samant

yeah I mean social media is social media. As in if you choose just facebook for eg, you loose out on instagram and twitter, where you can promote the page on fb organically if money is an issue. Similarly Linkedin can be used for making connections for that business that you are promoting on fb.

Afreen Zaman

Depends on TG!

Akshay Borate

Fun fact - When you ask this question on Facebook, majority will reply Facebook.

Try asking on LinkedIn, majority will reply LinkedIn.

Sumit Kumar

Actually it depends

Vinita Java

Insta... majority of my customers are from there

Rohan Yadavanshi


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