Shikar Sharma .

Larson and Turbo (L&T) is a huge conglomerate and provides services in various sectors starting from Infrastructure to Financial services and what not!

It is a 14 billion USD company and the biggest construction conglomerate in India.

Being one of the largest firms in India, Who are the main competitors of L&T in India?

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Arokya Inian

They have multiple divisions, each has its competitors

EPC is their major sector and sub-sectors even in this, competitors could be Gammon, Shapoorji, Punj Lloyd, Engineers India, ABB, BHEL

Murali Dhar

L&T has operations in sectors such as Heavy engineering, Infrastructure, power, electrical& automation and defence engineering, it's spread over 30 countries around the world.

You have to check competitors for each sector

As infra is major sector for L&T operations
Competitors : Adani ports
GMR infra.,Rites...etc.

Shikar Sharma

What about Reliance and GVK Power?

Murali Dhar

I told in order of from highest market capitalisation

L& T market cap.126977cr.

Rel infra. 845cr.
GVK power 371cr.

According to quarter sales reliance comes second after L&T

GVK power is around 6 or 7th place regd. Quarter sales

Shaju Nair

Most of L&T competitors in construction is in bank loan scams. ILFS is example. Engineering products, they have competition from Bosch, BHEL and many European cos. In defence they have competition from Mahindra, Tata etc

Harshal N Shroff

Depending what bussiness u pickup up.

But as an industrial conglomerate almost every other one is.

However L&T is a jointly shepherded by LIC, Aditya Birla, Reliance , HDFC and Goverment of India.

For that you need to watch and read more about who AM Naik is and how he is the TOP man there.

Comming back to competition....L&T competes with a lot of people in a LOT of bussinesses its main bussiness of EPCs is many others.

However L&T is building a LOT of capacity around localised private defence contractor. It also has a shipping bussiness which is a sort of an envy.

L&T is the competitive edge to shapoorji pallonji, epc bussinesses of various other industrial conglomerates.

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