Bharathidasan Moorthi .

Who Is The Culprit? Product or Ad?

You spent a lot of time finding a product, creating a listing, sourcing products, etc.

And finally, you have decided to run ads.

Boom! ads are live.. and you are expecting Results!

But it is not working🤨

Now what?

How do you know what's the problem?

Is it the product or the ad that's not working?

The first thing you need to understand with advertising is that you can’t create something from nothing.

Why? Because:

There isn’t anything in nothing that may become something.

Marketing needs a good product to deliver better results.

No matter how good you are at advertising, and no matter how big your budget, it’s pushing a rock uphill to try to sell a product that doesn’t resonate with an audience.

Likewise, no matter how good the product is, it’s rare these days for one to take off without significant advertising spend.

Marketing & product matter are inseparably linked.

If your product is good, everything will be that little bit easier. You just need to learn how to run better advertising which will put you on a success path.

But what if your product doesn’t resonate?

You have to ask why.

Is your product not good enough yet?

Are there major faults with your product?

Advertising can help you identify the problem.

That’s why I suggest having a test ad budget before scaling.

It gives your product visibility. If you’re getting impressions and clicks but a low conversion rate, it’s time to look hard at your product.

There’s a difference between getting impressions, clicks, and conversions, and not profiting

And not being able to get conversions.

In the first scenario, what you need to make advertising work is a longer series or boxed set.

In the second, it’s the product itself.

Check if you can improve the product. If there are no options then accept the failure and learn from it.

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Deep Patel

I think product is not needed at all. But since they have created it now they need ad to sell it!

Bharathidasan Moorthi

But what is the guarantee that the ad will deliver the results?

Deep Patel

It surely does. You can see the differnt research conducted for the same.

That's why they make it.

Bharat Acharya

Its the product. Going further lets assume you sell pencils to students that assures them good handwriting. Handwriting wont improve but if your pencil doesnt break easily like your competitors does you have won the war. Ads are always deceptive but once people buy your product looking at your ad they should fall in love with your product.

Sneha Malhotra

How do you decide wether the product is good or not. I mean i absolutly hate an xyz brand but i see it doung wonders for others.

If its not working you have to check your:

If you are aiming at the right audience

If your sales message is apt

If you are reaching your dream audience at the right medium. And adding extra value along with the product.

The product will always resonate with its dream customer. We cant sell everythng to everyone. Product is important.. but these things hold a much higher importance according to me.!

Krishna Chaitanya

Is there any direct metric that can help to know that the problem is with the product?

Bharathidasan Moorthi

It can be measured at different levels. From the digital marketing perspective, we can decide based on how many people see the product, add to cart, & purchase it.

Eventually, if people are not taking any action by seeing the product, there might be a problem with the product.

It is definitely a tricky question.

Pabzz Iraz

I feel its the add until the product has been bought as even while putting different ads for same product one outperforms others, but onve the product has been bought and tested by customer and he doesn't like it then no matter how efficient the advertising strategy is customer will not like to come back unless he hears either a positive review from a known person or somehow accidentaly buys the product again & fall in love with it this time.

Apart from these two the whole customer experience also plays an important role I feel, how easy the whole onboarding process is, is there some frustration consumer is facing with support/ team etc

Bharathidasan Moorthi

So true. The product experience also plays an important role.

We ran an ad for a subscription business and a lot of people subscribed for their services and they lost 90% of them in a month due to poor service.

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