Sathish CP .

Every early-stage B2B startup has 2 options to get more customers:

Either rush, hustle, & knock every door,

And check if there's a problem exists that your product can solve & if they will pay for it.


Take some time,

>Research & Validate the use cases

>Identify the adoption metrics

>Design a structured & scalable process

And acquire customers like a Boss!!!!

As a consultant, I have worked with both kind of startups,

but found so much pleasure, success & satisfaction with the latter!!!

and chose to stick with that forever.

Being a founder, beware of what kind of method you adopt,

Who, What & How - you are chasing!!!!

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Gautam Koundinya

Acquire Customers Like a Boss is what Approach 1 is trying to do 😜

Sathish CP

Haha, but guys will never say it once they have tasted success with the 2nd method!!!

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