Neeraj Joshi .

And Curefit has money to SPONSOR this 😐

Your thoughts?

PS: My intention here is not to shame Curefit, but rather understand why Curefit is spending on TV ads?

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Udit Goenka

 What's the problem? They are looking to market and acquire users? Do you expect companies to stop marketing completely?

Neeraj Joshi 

Do you know where is this coming from?

Hradayesh Roy

When there's no Business companies do stop marketing. Obviously they are not here to burn their money.
Note - not completely stop but they keep touching their existing customers. Not promoting it on a news channel.

I hope you are getting my point.

Neeraj Joshi

that was exactly my point, rather than branding on a news channel, they could have choosen a much better channel for the same

Hradayesh Roy

Might be a brand game. These biggies are here for valuation. I don't know when they will start earning money.

Rahul Rajvanshi

How do we know tv ads are not a good user acquisition channel for cure fit ?

Hradayesh Roy

Because when they visit curefit they do not tell that they have visited them by just seeing that logo on a news channel.

Hradayesh Roy

This might be a prior deal. Or they would have already paid for this endorsement.

Neeraj Joshi

valid point

Rahul Rajvanshi

 +1 sponsorship are long term deals they are pre paid for a longer duration. Like Pepsi IPL

Bhumit N. Gadhavi

In normal scenario also they can fire anyone if company is not performing well or employee is no value to company, but they will keep on investing in marketing & sales to increase the revenue.

Garvit Gupta

Neeraj sometimes we just point fingers at something which is quite well understood by the public, but we forget how damging it can be for a company's image. Marketing, HR and operations all have seperate budget. If HR budget goes down, this does not mean that they need to make adjustment in the other verticals.

Subham Bapna

This is what Amazon India did with its affiliates too. They asked affiliates to stop sending traffic (not all, but few) and their BDA told us to remove our tracking IDs and we removed, but none of our competitors did, so we messaged them today saying that, would they have any problems if we shift to Flipkart? And their associate who sounds sort of unaccepting, instantly called and said that it's your choice, but won't affect if the links are added back (there won't be deduction in earnings, nor will we ban.) All this while he never accepted a single request we made, but suddenly taking Flipkarts name made them allow us to continue sending traffic to Amazon!

All fucking companies are like that, they try to blame the situation and make the most out of it.

Similarly, a lot of US companies that are filing for bankruptcy also are doing to use the money instead of letting their creditors sue them!

Neeraj Joshi

stop sending traffic? Oh sad😞

So they have like stopped the affiliate scene?

Subham Bapna

They've not stopped, it's basically their way to reduce their marketing costs (affiliate commission is also sort of that.)

But right now, people who didn't use Amazon generally look for it on Playstore, install and purchase.

However, if they're watching reviews and reading reviews on websites then they're sent via affiliate links (but due to lockdown where they got 1 person, they're getting 10 people.

That's why they contacted most affiliates and asked them to stop directing traffic. Now the thing is, not everyone has resources to do it, so I saw a lot of our competitors doing it, so I contacted them, they said feel free to remove links. I then told them that, "I'll be directing traffic to Flipkart once I remove, would that be fine?" then their guy contacted us via call and after that we're now back into the game.

But what I mean to say is every company is trying to make huge money in the name of covid19

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