Sushant Shekhar .

858 signups, 132 demos, 8 countries 🌎

One small change that we did in the marketing strategy of my B2B SaaS last month was:

I opened my calendar to for bookings 24*7 📅

And yes, I was taking all these demos. 👨‍💻

So people from around the Globe could book demos at their convenience.

And the results? By far the best month for my SaaS (mails.wtf)

✅ Learning?

Accessibility makes it easy for you to sell.

I made demos accessible for my target audience and they did not even realize that a man in India 🇮🇳 was giving demos around the clock.

All they saw was the ease of booking demos for themselves and their team.

✅ Moral - Global products are a product of adapting to international standards.

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Neeraj Joshi 

How many sales? 😁

Sushant Shekhar

Best month ever, 2x the revenue from the previous month;)

George Mathew

Often shuffling between multi b2b tools is a really big pain . Full Stack Sales Outreach is Uber cool. Looking forward to Signup☺️

Sushant Shekhar

That's the problem we plan on solving..

George Mathew 

Do you also have email bounce check integrated?

Sushant Shekhar 

not yet :(

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