Vinayak Kejriwal .

Why Facebook Ads are the best for generating leads?

1. Location and Age targeting is very precise.

2. You can run ads for as low as 80 INR a day.

3. There is no limit to scaling.

4. Leads are of very high quality, and if you are nurturing them well, they turn into lifelong customers.

5. They have the unique ability to simplify complex opt-in processes down to one or two clicks – something that can’t be said for any other ad type on any other platform.

6. Tricky lead magnets can be downloaded within seconds.

7. Facebook lead forms are top-notch. No other platform offers such an option.

8. The average #conversion cost of other platforms is 2.07% where Facebook lead ads have an average conversion of 12.54%.

Even I am getting a conversion rate of over 12% for all my campaigns.

And, I am getting these leads for as low as 8 INR, yesterday it was 9 INR but I optimize the budget today and the lead cost reduced to 8 INR.

Crazy right?

Are you leveraging #FacebookAds for your business?

If yes, how is it performing?

If not, trust me you are missing out on some crazy opportunities.

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