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The total cost of Facebook’s acquisitions to date is $ 23,360,700,000. And that’s just from the acquisition costs they disclosed!

After Facebook dethroned MySpace as the big-name social network, there was a lot of chatter in the social media world about who would eventually dethrone Facebook.

So when Twitter, Instagram, and all the other newcomers came along, how did Facebook keep its head above water?

There are a lot of reasons, and without the right planning, timing, and luck, Facebook Wouldn't Be Here.

But there is one main factor in Facebook’s success that’s helped keep the company on top of the world even after years:


Facebook, Inc. or you want it to be called 'The Facebook' is a social networking company that has acquired 82 other companies in its past years, including WhatsApp, Instagram till date .

Facebook has grown to become the most popular social networking site in the world with over 1.6 billion daily active users on average for Dec. 2019.

Now Facebook has agreed to buy Giphy, the popular platform of sharable animated images, The total deal value is worth around $400 million.

Facebook is a perfect example of a company that has more buying power than entire nations.

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Jai Acharya

They are more interested in user intent. In fact, all the data they collect is to understand demographics and user intent, so that they can server better ads. I think gifs give more info about user intent than emojis and stickers.

Google & Facebook have reached a point that they can serve ads based on what we think without even exactly looking for it. I'm waiting for facebook to launch a search engine. That'd be the ultimate face-off between the giants.

Manoj Nayak

💯Google has YouTube, Facebook.inc has Insta, whatsapp, and microsoft has LinkedIn, I'm here just waiting Apple to launch it's own Social Network😅‼️‼️That' would be too exciting😄....
All the Big fighting to acquire the small (I mean us😃)

Manoj Nayak

Why just see a fight between 2, when you can watch between 4😂😂......Jk⚡⚡

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