Tamiesh Sood .

We as founders, often suffer from

Curse of Knowledge

The curse of knowledge is a cognitive bias that occurs

When we, while communicating with our Prospects

Unknowingly assume that the others have the background to understand that
So for example, If I am selling a T-Shirt to a Regular College student
And in my messaging, I communicate that my T-Shirts are made from
180gsm Cotton Lycra Blend, Mill dyed yarn Bio-Washed and Screen Printed

While all this info is basic for me
My customer is not going to understand and care about it
It works the same way for Software, Fashion, and almost everything

So, if you’re the founder and you’re writing copy for your Website and Ads
Make sure you run it by an outsider, a friend or a prospective customer
To see if he/she resonates with your product and messaging

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Piyush Soni

I completely agree! Customer's understanding is the most important part for any business!
If you are able to deliver what prospects wants, then yes your product will succeed!

Shivakumar Valadi

One piece of advice I got which works great is that I should explain what I do or what my products/services are, in a way that my 6th grade daughter can understand

In short... Cut the jargons, speak the customer's language

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