Sairaj Mahesh Nukala .

Yesterday, one of our new joinee has made the mistake of not saving her daily work.

The result, she lost all the contacts of the day work and she told me the same.

It triggered me an incident from 2015, where I started as a Fresher Inside Sales Representative.

I used to collect 80-100 contacts a day. One day, I forgot to save the work.

Suddenly power fluctuations and my total data is gone.

My manager scolded me on the floor and even doubted me whether I have done the work or not.

I remember I had a bad night that day because of my manager behaviour.

I just remembered the whole thing and smiled and said

“Don’t worry, It happens to every fresher at the beginning, it happened to me as well.
Make sure you click “CTRL + S” every 10 minutes while using excel”.

She felt assured and smiled and left the day happily.

Today she told me that she did more contacts than yesterday and saved the work.

Moral of the story: Never judge a person for their mistakes, judge a person on how they fix them.

Make sure that your employees enjoy every moment in your company because they are your first customers who trusted you with their time and money.

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Maybe my suggestion is over-engineered, but, if the internet is available, can't the person save this on a simple google sheet, which saves the data in realtime without having the hassle of pressing CTRL + S every 10 min?

Ashirwad Rastogi

Instead of doing it offline use Google spreadsheet it auto save feature is really good👌.

Also, you can track your team regularly live.

Sairaj Mahesh Nukala

Yeah everyday they update their work in sheets only. But before that they use excel

Ashirwad Rastogi

they can directly feed in spreadsheet or use Google spreadsheet desktop.

Piyush Soni

Start doing the work in drive, thats what my teacher told me to do!🙂

Somya Jain

Even I remember
Same thing happened to me during my early career days.
I had lost 1200 words of a days hardwork but was calmly treated by my boss.
And yes I managed the right the same before break and had a full half day ahead of me:)))

Sairaj Mahesh Nukala

Haha. early stage we fidel alot about the technology and it's use cases

Somya Jain

and hence thanks a lot for being the mentor everyone deserves in there starting years of career.

Prashant Gupta

Autosave promote kare and recovery mode on rakhe

Abhishek Tripathi

Has excel stopped autosave every few minutes? And what about the recover previous file option?

Sairaj Mahesh Nukala

She's a fresher who doesn't know to save work in excel. We tried recovery options but they endup bringing nothing. We have connected it to outlook as well but no use.so shifted to Google sheets.

Abhishek Tripathi

I see, well this is why I personally give a refresher course to all my freshers/interns. I hope you don't lose anymore valuable data, and she learns from this mistake.

You did a great job handling it this way.(Y)

Harish Cholleti

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