Faisal Zia Anwer .

Imagine, you have the killer product, the best graphics and the best team of marketers to run your ad.


Because you didn't ask yourself these important questions, you need answers to before running a campaign!

Expectations. What defines a successful campaign for you. What are you looking for, sales or profit ( this question is very important)? A high ROAS( Return on Ad Spend) doesn't always make you profitable.

What is the CPA? If you have run a campaign, what is the cost you incur to acquire one customer? If you have never run an ad, then what is the cost you are willing to incur to get a customer.

What are the other metrics of importance? Add to Carts? Page Checkouts? Page Views? CTR% etc. These numbers tell the story of what went right or wrong in your campaign.

Your targeting. Was it right? Were the copies right? Were you getting good CTR%s?

Is your website funnel converting? What is the conversion rate like? A good looking website doesn't amount to sales. A well-converting website does. Hope these questions help you guide thru your campaigns better!

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Sneha Malhotra

If we are talking about ads.. people have a tendency to look at ads which have a "HOOK". There are zillions of products i know which did not work coz der online ads were pathetic and did not do 1 justice to the product.

Coming to the website is the second step. Your first is creating a hook on d ad.

Make a gripping hook and an amazing offer which they cant refuse.!! (Godfather quoted).!!

Faisal Zia Anwer

Sneha Malhotra hook...story...offer ;)

Sneha Malhotra

Faisal Zia Anwer totally hooked on that concept. Russell is a genius

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