Bharat Garachh .

Ecommerce SIte Case Study

So today I am going to share a case study of an eCommerce site that I have worked 1 year ago.

I have developed that site and did on-page SEO only

The site was selling books online in Gujarat, the name is JalaramBookStores.in

The site mostly dealing in Gujarati Books and for government jobs, public sector, and banking aspirants.

How the site gets good clicks and impressions without backlinks and very little or no search volume.

First of all, I make a list of the common words that are using for eCommerce sites such as “ buy, online, cheap, affordable, India, Gujarat, shop, etc..

After that, I have made categories like general knowledge, English grammar, Gujarati Grammar, History, Law, etc..

I created metadata for them each category that is ignored by most SEO people or eCommerce site owners.

After that, I have made a unique product description, Alt tag for the image, and inject keywords.

And I submit all categories and product pages to Google Webmasters manually.

Waited for some time and after a few weeks, the site gets started ranking as well as getting inquiries.


Don’t trust blindly on any SEO tool that is showing search volume, there is not any single tool on this planet that shows exact search volume.

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Dilip Sharma

What were the output metrics? Sales, conversion etc

Bharat Garachh

allmost 3-4 per day in initial stage within 1 month.

Harshad Moray

is it life time data or specific period?

Bharat Garachh

June 2020

Nilabh Ranjan

nice one , how is the sales figure now ?

Bharat Garachh

not sure, he was supposed to close this one due to some logistics and sourcing problems

Nilabh Ranjan

oh,, so you worked as SEO expert? logistic is the biggest nightmare in e-commerce , I think so

Bharat Garachh

yes and specially when you get return product

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