Ankit Raj Jha .

Privacy is a big concern these days.

I have experienced some bizarre experience with privacy. I have talked with a few people and they agreed on experiencing similar experience. Just want to have an opinion on bigger scale via

Instance 1: We are seeing relevant ads on the things which we discussed with our friends face to face (not on phone). Please note we didn't google search about that product on phone, neither we discussed that product on call/text with anyone.

How did they get to know we want to do some research around that product? Are they collecting our data even when we are not using the phone?

While discussing privacy, I have seen few people tend to keep the phone away (not on the table, but in pocket or bag). After asking they say, there might be chances that our conversation is being recorded, even though we are not using the phone.

This sounds a bit weird, but I have bit believe in this theory/hypothesis/whatever because there are many people who try to put labels on their laptop camera when not in use. It just because of privacy concerns.

Instance 2 [mostly with YouTube]: There are many instances when we see relevant videos (not ads) on the things which we haven't discussed with anyone. It just we thought on that product for a while. We haven't discussed with anyone nor did google search on that. We just thought about it for a while. And we start seeing the suggested video on it.

Are these apps owners collected so much data so that they can very easily able to predict our next move or interest area? Even though it's a very new interest area or product. If this is the case then it can very easily influence our way of thinking and what we think.

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Bhavik Jain

This is the marketing of future, the data helps them understand the characteristic of a person, helps them create a profile and then based on your actions the product will be shown to you.

Every single ad will be tailored to attract you in a way you will get attracted

Avinash Kewlani

Extensive use and implementation of Data Science models..

Bhavik Jain


Avinash Kewlani

Yeah I feel same. Most of the consumers are completely unaware.

Bhavik Jain

Yes many are, every data is used to determine your choices & what influences your thoughts

Anaggh Desai

Privacy is Passé; it simply no longer exists as a social value.

Ankit Raj Jha

I see. But how you think how does government/defense expert maintain privacy ?

Anaggh Desai

like? And you will be surprised.

Mukund Rathi

Big data! But this is actually privacy threat.

Do you know that Amazon tested an algorithm by which they can predict if the user is going to buy the item(not 100% accurate) using the data like clicks, search etc and they ship the same product to your nearest warehouse even before you buy it to reduce the time of delivery and increase user satisfaction.
There are a lot of such things going around.

Abhishek Mishra

Yes. It’s a truth and it’s happening.
1) They record our conversation and have been sued for these privacy concerns in the west. Eg. google tracks your location even when you put it off. It records as well.
2) Predictive Analytics combined with AI/ML. You like it or not, they have your profile created and it’s being updated continuously. YouTube / amazon/ fb feeds push suggested content based on past history but it has its limitation on future search. What I hate about this is they kinda bombard you Basis their limited profiling and it tends to get too obvious after some point of time.

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