Kria Doshi .

Embarking on a journey of being an entrepreneur is not an easy choice!!

However, if you have chosen this tough path I am sure there must be some insane crazy idea driving you to work relentlessly with fierce passion each day, every hour, every minute.

To all my fellow entrepreneurs as well as any aspiring entrepreneurs, find a reason strong enough to keep you going when the time won't be in your favor.

Develop a vision broad enough to benefit society as a whole.

Develop a sense of responsibility towards your business but not limited to it.

I came across an article that mentioned a young lady who runs a startup that fights for the eradication of taboo surrounding menstruation. When asked where does she see her company after 10 years her reply was what stunned me. Unlike the usual replies with figures of growth or profit her reply was,

"I wish that the company such as mine won't be required to exist after 10 years. I wish to see a country where menstruation won't be taboo any longer!!"

This is what I mean by vision. A vision so strong that it makes you restless if you deviate from it.

Time and again we have seen businesses around us fail in adverse times. We need to understand that when a business flourishes the society flourishes. Likewise, when the businesses fail the society as a whole suffers.

Here, I don't mean failure to be inexistent in your business. It's only through trial and error that great innovations came to existence.

What I mean by businesses failing here is failing because of their rigidity. The reason that most of the startups and businesses fail is the absence of a broader vision, discipline, and acceptance. As an entrepreneur, our vision should include the best of your stakeholders.

It takes a lot of responsibility to be an entrepreneur. As it is said that you don't become an entrepreneur just by learning this complex word. You need to do whatever it takes to keep going. If one doesn't have an attitude of doing whatever it takes to be successful, one should take a step back and review their basics and get them corrected before it gets too late.

What is your driving force or vision which keeps you moving every day?

Mine is in the comments!!

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