Faisal Zia Anwer .

Why testing is the most important part of marketing?

I suck at content planning. These words you are reading, are unplanned. Last few weeks someone advised me to plan a 'content bank'. The result, I hated posting it.

Learning: What works for someone else, might not for you.


Major Learning: That doesn't mean you don't test it.

That holds true for all aspects of marketing.

I meet so many people, each one having their own preferences, their own channels, their own systems. Every 'consultant' you talk to has a biased opinion.

Example: You talk to me about E-commerce and if you say you like getting sales organically, I WILL roll my eye and talk to you about Facebook ads.

I am biased towards it obviously. It could work for you. Chances are it will work for you. However, you as a business owner have a responsibility to try every platform to the best.

I assure you, every platform works well. You just need to test more and more. And then some more :)

Test. Or be tested

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Kashmira Mody

So much resonance...I struggled with accepting this for years. This year I have chosen LinkedIn as a primary platform and after years, posting and engaging people has become an extension of my work. It was a chaos when I was trying to be on 4 platforms and just post random stuff

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