Rajesh Garg .

Why Wikipedia articles are always high-quality articles, even though it is nonprofit and anyone can edit it?

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Suneil Barsaiyan

Because they carries a lot of references hence are authentic and reviewed by independent reviewers so are mostly updated and non biased in nature

Rajesh Garg

Ok so wikipedia pay whoever reviews the articles?

Suneil Barsaiyan

No it's all charity. Becoming a reviewer for Wikipedia is itself an achievement

Rajesh Garg

Woah I didn't knew that!

Suneil Barsaiyan

Google SERPs are much dependent on Wiki pages. This shows how important they are for a "free information" world.

Piyush Soni

Because they have a whole bunch of good moderators from different fields who take care of all the articles!

Prasad Bharati

Bro that's a rhetorical question don't u think.

Somya Jain

If anyone can post on Wikipedia and how cAn we consider them as high quality articles?
Correct me if I am wrong

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