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Writing online is a superpower.

The Internet rewards people who think well, learn passionately, and share their best ideas. Here’s how you should think about writing online.

1. The Internet is the largest legal wealth creation tool in human history." — John Doerr

2. Writing is how you get attention.

"Attention is the most valuable resource. Major companies spend billions of dollars on advertising each year in order to interrupt people for a chance at getting attention for their products. Writers get that for free." — @NathanBarry

3. Create an online home.

Build a personal website so people can find you online. Once it’s live, publish five evergreen articles on your area of expertise. If it’s good, the benefits will compound. People will discover your writing and create career opportunities for you.

4. Carve a niche for yourself by following your curiosity.

"We live in an age of infinite leverage, and the economic rewards for genuine intellectual curiosity have never been higher… If you can't code, write books and blogs, record videos and podcasts.” — @naval

5. Apply leverage.

The three most powerful forces in today’s world are technology, knowledge, and networks. Don't work harder when you can combine them. Writing online combines all three: you use technology to scale your knowledge and build your network.

Inspired by @fortelabs

6. Learn how Google works.

"Organic SEO is probably the most efficient distribution method ever created. Even with very modest amounts of resources, you can get hundreds of thousands of visits and add thousands of users to your product.” — @patio11

7. Writing online is personal content marketing.

"Content marketing is the only way to scale trust and education. The goal of content marketing is to have thousands of thoughtful, appropriate, and timely conversations with the right people on their terms.” — @BrentBeshore

8. “Learn, build, share, repeat. — @patrickoshag

Learn as much as you can and work on interesting projects. Then, share the best of what you learn.

9. Curate your own writing.

"f you do anything, make a curated list of the best of everything you've ever done. It's very little marginal work for surprising amounts of marginal benefit." — @patio11

10. Be prolific.

The structure of the Internet rewards people who publish all the time. Each article you publish is like a permanent wingman for personal and career opportunities. The more you share, the more you invite serendipity into your life.

Inspired by @tylercowen

Read lots of academic papers. Then summarize them. Academic papers are so hard to read. But the best ones are loaded with wisdom and surprising research. By doing so, you'll learn fast and attract a smart audience.

12. Write about topics other people aren't writing about.

Follow your curiosity. Then double down on being different. There are millions of writers online, so aim to be different instead of trying to be the best. Combine your knowledge and experiences until you're one of a kind.

13. Follow the Big Fish, Growing Pond strategy.

1) Pick a small, growing market that’s under-estimated
2) Learn obsessively about that industry
3) Finally, share as much as you can by writing online

One of the fastest ways to accelerate your career.

14. Teach everything you know.

"By giving away useful information, you will attract readers — and get them to trust you — because you’ve helped them so much." — @NathanBarry

And by writing online, you can reach more people in a day than you can speak to in a lifetime.
Let's close with these words from @Alex_Danco.

"The returns to writing online right now have never been higher and are only going to get better. Now is the time to do this. Every good thing that's ever happened to me in my career has come from writing online."

Written by David Perell

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Akansha Dalmia 

By writing online, you can reach more people in a day than you can speak to in a lifetime - loved the quote 👌🏻👌🏻

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