Mohit Prajapati .

Do you think that after 5 years Digital Marketing will be automated.

There will be no need of person to manage it any one would be able to manage it just by few automated softwares.

There will be no Job related to digital marketing or one would be able to manage everything.

What other Jobs or Requirement of company would be after years if everything will be automated.

As i see many people manage their social media by their own or marketing department person manage it by learning only few things and even if website is on wordpress they are able to manage SEO.

What's Your Views, How Digital Marketing world will change in future ???

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Akash Mehra

Techonologies will come and go... But marketing strategies will always require humans, first.

Secondly, even if one want to automate anything, he/she require experienced human who can work on that..

Robot are built by Humans not the other way around

Mohit Prajapati

Yes but if 10 human developed one robot than not 10 human need to manage it.

Akash Mehra

Mohit Prajapati well that's for obvious that the work force will reduce with the technology advancement but it will not going to be diminish .

That's why it's very crucial to put your footsteps in the right area of marketing..

Mohit Prajapati

Than what are some right areas of digital marketing?

Akash Mehra

Customised Digital Marketing strategies is one of the field which will not be overcome by robots.. it requires understanding of the busines and experience in this digital marketing field.

Akash Mehra

Thanks Mohit Ji, I really like to have a healthy discussion in digital marketing.. and this group is good to meet some like minded professional

Mohit Prajapati

Akash Mehra Would you please explain customised marketing, I believe marketing is customised from beginning, there is no specific path of marketing as per customer need, market condition etc. define campaign.

Akash Mehra

Well, I mean customized marketing "strategy".. Once cannot use the same digital marketing strategy for each and every business and every business needs customised solutions according to the objective of the business.

Now every business can identify what is the persona of target audience, demographic ( age. gender, location) but in order to market them effectively, one has to build a customised marketing plan/strategy.

The old Marketing Funnel which we use for both B2B and B2C is same :

Awareness >> Interest >> Consideration >> Pruchase.

While the problems in B2B space are different, there are multiple decision makers ( not like B2C), profiles are different .. how we can use the same strategy for B2B.

This is still very new in India, its called Account Based Marketing ( Flip the Funnel strategy). which basically flip your existing marketing funnel

Identify >> Expand >> Engage >> Advocate

To Summarised, you can know your audience but how to market your message to your audience.. you need a cutomised marekting strategy.


Angik Sarkar

easiest way to answer the question: Run a Google Adwords campaign on maxconversions from Day 1. You'll see what the mightly machine learning Behemoth can do with start of the art tech today.

Mohit Prajapati

We see Google improvement daily.

Vaibhav Sisinty

Startups like smartly and captain growth has already automated 70-80% of what we do in FB and google ads. Starting from creation to optimisation. A big brand digital marketer needed associates to set up multiple Ads and now everything can be done out a CSV without manual intervention, so a lot of it is already automated.

But I don't think it can ever get completely automated. The simple reason being the creative calibre can't be met by any ai. Things like copy, creative, CTA and testings around it. Budget allocations etc will always be manual .

Mohit Prajapati

Is it that after some time organization will hire person with management plus digital marketing people then people who just know digital marketing because now budgeting targeting or many management funda will apply. companies think likw management student understand all this well. Is it ???

Vaibhav Sisinty

When you say management student, you mean MBA? I am not sure about that. If the company is big, they will hire a Digital marketing analyst to take care of such things. As far as I have seen, only companies who dont understand hiring look for MBA's only specifically. I am a non MBA and have studied engineering in a regular college. I work for Uber as a marketing manager. Hope this helps :)

Kamonasish Aayush Mazumdar

Yes, Everything minus pure play business strategy will be automated end to end in digital marketing, even lower and mid level marketing strategy to a large extent will be automated within the next 3-5 years max.

Mohit Prajapati What suggestion to digital marketer in such sanerio?

Kamonasish Aayush Mazumdar

There is nothing called a digital marketer.

There is just a marketer who understands digital as well.

Don’t mistake medium for the method.

Nirbhay Tripathi Automation

is going to impact most of the industries not only Digital marketing.

But who know to control the machine, who know to design the machine, who know to repair the machine, who know to wash the machine will survive always...

It's our intelligence where we fit ourselves.

We're already living with automation, all ads Facebook approve within minutes done through FB AI algorithm...

Google analytics has it's own machine learning algorithm..

Search results we see they are best example of Automation...

Soham Sarkar

Digital marketing is a really broad term like 'Science and Technology'.

Parts of DM will be automated and it is already to a great extent by integrations like Buffer + IFTTT as well as apps like revealbot.

Things that will never be fully automated are content & design production, scaling operations and top of funnel acquisition strategies.

Things that will be fully automated are distribution, cross-channel connectivity, and analytics.

Running ads are increasingly productized, however $100M campaigns are never automated.

Nick Bn

This is true. Most digital marketers will become obsolete alongside many other low- to medium-skill jobs. Not everything, however, I don't think Ad copywriting & strategy can be automated as it requires creativity for optimal conversion.

What other jobs? Obviously, everything in engineering, especially software engineering will remain in high demand and rising as you need engineers to build, maintain & improve the systems you mention.

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