Sathish CP .

JIO is indeed here with a mega plan,

But the level of quality in the execution will decide the outcome of their ambitions!

We might as well just subscribe to one platform for everything right from the network, entertainment to grocery delivery.

But we are seeing nothing less than a monopolistic future as far as India is concerned in a few specific segments.

What are your thoughts?

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Kapil Agarwal

I am quite impressed by jioglass they launched yesterday

Amrik Singh Arora

Isn’t it the same device- Google Glass?

Kapil Agarwal

need to check google glass...not sure.

Ankit Kumar Bhagat 

What if it's just like jiomeet

Sathish CP

Yup that's the issue here. It gets better over a period of time. But in the first few years, it will be tough for them to get the quality. I have read bad reviews about a few other services as well.

Geet Kiran Aneja

I am afraid of the complexity of deals they are making. The whole Jio ecosystem looks very complex on the outside to me. It may make complete sense to the huge stakeholders. But you never know about the blind spots they may have missed out on.

Manan Shah 

They will have so much access to data..it is scary

Piyush Soni

Yes Jio is with a mega plan here! But the way they are launching their things in not appropriate. Identity of their platforms is mot unique. Hence this might make them suffer for the longer run

Trrupti Kkhan

Every consumers have a spending capacity and I don't see long term gain. Big companies like TATAsky had to revamp their model which was running in losses and due to digitalization, those models are not surving. People from 70's era hv witnessed all 3 economies, industrial, innovation & now Gig so get ready for another one in next 10-15 yrs. The business models which can offer an entrepreneur platform and build millionaires are the most sustainable in today's times.

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