Vanshi Mehta .

Is it possible to get a wix website up and running in 5 days?

I’m going to finally be creating my own in the next couple of weeks and I want to set a deadline to the task

Am I being stupid or am I being realistic?

It’s a personal brand page + press kit

Also, if anyone has reccos for personal brand websites - please holla.

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Rahul Anand

Go for WordPress. Easy & Simple to design website. And you can design it within 1-2 hours by following some YouTube video. Good for personal branding, writing blogs. A lot of plugins available to make things easy.

Piyush Soni


Shitij Malhotra

no, an untrained person has a significant learning curve

Madhuri Sen

I use the Godaddy Website Builder. Have built multiple sites with multiple pages. Usually takes me few hours if I know what images, content, flow and functionality I want. Including the planning and gathering of what I need, it's never taken me more than 2 days max. So a 5 day deadline should be more than enough for most builders.

Vanshi Mehta

how much do you pay for hosting?

Madhuri Sen

They have different options. Depends on what inclusions you'd want, approx 1k per website, regardless of number of pages.

Vanshi Mehta 

acha. Not bad. Thanks

Steph Nass

Yes, perfectly doable.

Wix is a popular option, but you may want to consider other builders before jumping in.

From the easiest to the most complex:
- Squarespace
- Versoly, Landen
- Wordpress + builder (Elementor, etc)

Have fun!

Steph Nass

I was on Wordpress, recently moved to Versoly. Never going back for the life of me.

Wordpress is amazing thanks to all the plugins. You can do literally anything without coding. But page speed is an issue, the UX is overloaded and it's unpleasant touse overall. I spent way too much time on details and not enough on my content.

Moving to Versoly gave me a much faster website. More importantly, I take a lot of pleasure in working on my website, creating content, etc. This may sound stupid, but it directly impacted my productivity.

So as long as I don't need Wordpress plugins, I'll just use Versoly as my default builder.

Vinamra Agrawal

Wordpress has some learning curve for sure!

Shraddha Bhalla

Its possible, but wouldn't recommend it.
SEO on wix is crap so your website will not have a chance to ever be organically discovered on Google

Anuj Kushwanshi

Completely disagree. We ranked our sites multiple times on first page, sometimes on first 3 results. Depends on your content and how you are optimizing your site.

Shraddha Bhalla 

are you an expert?

Anuj Kushwanshi

given about wix, have worked on it for two years now. Making my fifth site. So please ask me anything about wix, seo wise i will say i know a bit but enough to get started with.

Nidhriti Bhowmik

Yes absolutely! It's more than doable. I'm assuming you have your brand kit ready, already?
The only way this might take longer is if you build from scratch (without using one of their templates), even then max 7 days if you're anal about every little pixel and detail. I know I am!

Sarthak Ganguly

You can create one in a couple of hours, if your associated media and graphics is ready.
However, SEO is horrible in Wix. You don't control a lot of stuff that makes things harder. WordPress is a much simple and cheaper option in the long run. You compromise very little on ease of use as well.

Let me know what you decide. And Good Luck.:)

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