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After hearing many times, about wix losing big time on SEO front, here's something for a discussion. Would love everyone's thought about it.

My own points,

  1. Wix has options to puts, JSON-LD, metatags, descriptions and a lot many features, which if you don't wanna hire an SEO expert (good ones, not those 300 per keyword people)
  2. Today's SEO is more dependent on content than ever before. Create good and viral content, it will automatically get reshared creating backlinks, bring recurring traffic and will boost your rankings up high on google if its done right
  3. Future scalability is better for wordpress for big and complex websites, but how many people need that kind of big and complex websites, most websites today are one pager portfolio or explanatory websites.
  4. No and I don't get for promoting wix, just tired of listening from web developers that wix sucks without any logical explanation.

There’s just no way to say whether one platform is better than the other based solely on the results of our study.

Having said that, we did learn a few things in this study:

It seems that more SEO might have been done on WordPress sites than Wix. We’re able to see this based on the huge differences in organic search traffic as a whole, as well as the number of referring domains pointing at the websites.

There’s seemingly no relationship between the platform used (WordPress vs. Wix) and a site’s ability to rank in Google’s top 10 search results.

WordPress sites got more search traffic than Wix as a whole. But Wix had more search traffic on domains that get more than 100 monthly search visits.

To reiterate, it’s impossible to say if either of these platforms is “better” from an organic traffic perspective than the other.

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