Mahad Ahmad .

Hi Folks!

I’m Mahad, co-founder of remoty (https://remoty.dev). It’s a Slack integration that helps every team reach their full potential with powerful time-tracking and progress updates workflow. With Remoty app, you can keep your remote team in sync with easy commands right from your Slack workspace. With remoty you can

  1. Boost your team coordination using intuitive time tracking commands.
  2. Save hours in meetings by organizing async daily stand-up meetings.
  3. Track billable hours, generate scrum logs and export CSV time sheets.

We are happy to announce that we went live on Slack App Directory recently and want to give beta access to PushStarters. Please visit https://remoty.dev & add remoty to your slack workspace.

Earnestly looking forward to your feedback, suggestions, questions, changes, advice, criticism - all welcome!

We want to improve upon these pointers and prepare for a final release.

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