Sairaj Mahesh Nukala .

Jiomeet has been launched in India for free of cost.

It had the same logo brighter than zoom.

It can accommodate upto 100 user for a video conference.

Personally I feel Jiomeet can be the most useful tool for small and mid size Entrepreneurs like us.

More than that, it can be useful for small teams.

It is planning to.integrate doctors for consultation. (Jio acquired enough software and medical startups to pull this off)

This is happening at the time when India is planning to boycott suspicious software products and zoom is in the news because of a cyber breach recently.

#jiomeet is a competitor for zoom, google meets, microsoft teams and other video conferencing tools.

Its great to have a Indian Entrepreneur standing on the global stage for a solution much needed amid of the pandemic.

Everyone claims to be original copying others, just like the web quotes and softwares.

But it's not about the product but the customers who brings a difference.

What do you think of Jiomeet?

Would you be interested to use it?

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U Amal Dev

 Looks like copycat

Rishank Bharatiya

Everyone do that, that's not an issue

Sagar Gulati 

wait for the lawsuit zoom will send to Jio xD

Jeet Parekh 

JIO is equally bigger player

Ajay Hemnani 

JioZoom ho jayega fir. Like JioSaavn

Sagar Gulati 

that could happen xD 

Bhavik Jain 

Lawsuit se sasta deal hogi ye

Aman Jha 

They said to make an alternative to the zoom 🤓🙊🥴

Sooraj Kumar R 

alternative icons and colours

Deb Rishi 

Haha - they didn't even spend time to change a few icons.

Raman Sarda

they just wanted to launch something. There is a rumour among whatsapp groups that zoom is Chinese and many were even surprised that it wasn't banned with other ones last week. This is just Jio trying to cash the opportunity imo. And it's fine. If they don't grab the opportunity, someone else will.

Deb Rishi 

what time does it take to prototype an interface and change the icons atleast?
may be 20 pages and 20 icons...

Not more than 20 Man hours am sure.
Jio could have done that easily - but shabby work.
If it is intentional, I guess their target users are different than Webex and Zoom. And they know it, who will pick it up as it is and start using for discussing Ludo on video;)

Raghuram Gururajan

Is it due to the reason that they cannot be creative they ended up copying another product's idea with the same kind of color and layout ?

Achintya Surya

looks like they took inspiration from the neighbours

Ajay Hemnani

that's actually being more creative.

Raghuram Gururajan

That doesnt look like an inspiration .When google launched its social network called google circles they did not end up copying things from Facebook.

Sandeep Goud

that’s why google is still working in circles even to date !

Praful Mishra

Reverse engineering!....China also did same thing for all products and did not allow anything or anyone...tit for tat😀

Rohit Nair

I think the copy in the interface is due to:
1. Maximum population in India are new to Video conferencing technology and still find it difficult to host a meeting
2. Why Zoom won amidst big players like Google Meet etc is maybe because of its easy to use UI.
3. Remember that video conferencing is not only used by businesses.
4. Zoom had gained the trust and if at all people were to take the Indian alternatives, it is easier to penetrate in a consumers mind if they are already well versed with the tech.
5. Jio has always been Consumer friendly than cool looking and fhats the best part of it.
6. They have so much money you really think they wouldn’t spend on UI/UX

What do you think?

Sairaj Mahesh Nukala

For relatability, copy can be done..

Raman Sarda

Apart from being exact clone of zoom, jiomeet doesn't even come close as a competition to Google meets and Microsoft teams. At enterprise level, these provide much better control and features. Thanks to gsuite and office 365. Moreover more features arecoming to google meets and I honestly don't think Jio will be able to pull of jiomeet to such a level that people outside India use it too. People in India will use coz made in India also jio might tweak it to work better with the jio network. But outside, there's no incentive for people to prefer it instead of others.

Sairaj Mahesh Nukala

There are opportunities other than just Video conferencing tool.
I worked with a healthcare company which was sold to Jio without even a launch.
They connect the doctors and patients.
They already have a network available.
I'm sure JIO is trying to connect them with JIOmeets

Prakhar Bindal 

Which healthcare company?

Raman Sarda

yeah health connection is good. My point was about it not being a competition to Google meets and Microsoft teams. If they connect doctors and patients then they obviously don't have same target consumers as meets and teams. Also, which company?

Jitendra Singh

I can't use such a blatant copy.

As entrepreneurs, we should all oppose it tooth and nail, because today zoom is ripped off, tomorrow it could be anyone in India.

Aman Bhalla

I believe this is a master stroke marketing stint by Reliance. If it would not have been similar, so many people might not have been talking about it on a large scale. Tried & tested UI. They knew people/media will notice this. It's free publicity while Mr. Ambani sit back & relax😄

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